Preventive dental care for children includes:

Healthy eating habits
Brushing and flossing your teeth
Instruction on oral hygiene
the use of fluorine
fissure sealing
Regular dental checks
Assessing the risk of developing caries
Control of tooth eruption
Protection against damage teeth

Preventive children’s dentistry includes in addition to regular dental visits also the active involvement of parents in child care for teeth.

Q: Why is preventive dentistry important?

A: The condition of the oral cavity in children has a significant impact on the overall health and quality of life. Damaged teeth can effect eating, speaking, self-esteem and daily activities, toothache can effect on a child in concentration and learning. Healthy teeth are part of the child’s well-being and confidence in his/hers appearance.

Q: When should children start with prevention?

A: Preventive care for your teeth starts with growth of first tooth. It is necessary to begin with the daily cleaning above 1 year of age and about that age it is also recommended first check up dentist. Early visits of children in dental office increases the chance of preventing dental disease and the foundation for good oral health throughout the whole life.

Q: What is the role of the parents in the prevention?

A: After the examination of the oral cavity and assessment of the risk of caries or gum disease of child, creating prevention program that includes instructions for brushing and flossing your teeth, nutritional recommendations and, if necessary, recommendations on the use of fluorine. Fluorination treatment HealOzonom and fissure sealing. By following the guidelines on the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organization), to help the child to develop healthy living habits.

Q: How do pediatric dentists help prevent dental problems?

A: Cleaning and polishing teeth and the use of fluoride as a basic part of preventive dental program for children. Modern preventive dentistry us moreover offers further possibilities of maintaining the health of teeth with fissure sealing and use Heal Ozon, prevention of sports injuries by making sports mouth guard, and early diagnosis of orthodontic anomalies.