Form and function


Nice teeth look is not good enough. For comfortable and long-lasting teeth, is essential to fit them in stable bite which has same and secure contact berween the teeth in all moves of your jaw joints. That makes sure, that yout teeth are settled in the right positions during relaxing. Previous dental treatments such as unfinished orthodontic trearment, crown or filling on the last teeth which is slightly too high, can cause problems, if they are not corrected. The problems such as demage or brake of crown could happen to poeple who are grinding with teeth. Moreover, that can happened to people, which had learned how to live with too high crown. Consequently,this leads problems like grinde of front teeth, sensitive teeth, sore jaw muscles and their hardness, cuts jaw joints, clicks etc.
All this requires a precise understanding of dental problems. With some high-tech instruments can find out and, plan and solve problems very fast. If you have any high proportion on the back teeth, which leads to abuse of front teeth we can solve the problem. Abused teeth can be restored through procelain veneers or bonding.