Invisible braces

Invisible braces Clearstep

Are you embarrassed by your smile?
Have you ever thought about orthodontic treatment?

Do you hate braces because they give an apperiance of a fixed dental appliance?
If you answered YES to all the questions, CLEARSTEP system is the right solution for you.

About Clearstep
Clearstep is a simple and affordable series of colorless “positioning trays” that gently guide your teeth from their current to the desired location.

How does it work?
Believe it or not, your teeth are constantly moving.Every minute, actually. Invisible braces Clearstep apply gentle pressure on the teeth in the desired direction.

Is it suitable for everyone?
In fact, everyone. In case you’re older than 14 years and your dentist determines that you are suitable for the orthodontic treatment, then Clearstep braces are the right solution for you.

How much does Clearstep therapy costs?
Clearstep represents an average of 2 / 3 the cost of any competing product. Of course, the cost varies depending on the complexity of the case and patient response to therapy.

Why Clearstep?
In comparison with existing systems, Clearstep has no wires and does not require for steel or porcelain to be fastened to your teeth. It is invisible and removable. It allows you to eata steak, give a public speech and meet with a client without discomfort or embarrassment. Easy to remove, just clean, wash and re-insert it – Clearstep does all the rest.

Are you embarrassed bacause coloured or discolored teeth?
Clearstep has a solution for your problem. A specially formulated bleaching gel can be used in thandem with “positioners”, which effectively remove stains and discoloration.

How can I learn more?
If you want to learn more sign up for a consultation at our office. The dentist will give you his opinion, take the impression of your teeth, take a dental X-ray ortopan and and send the relevant photographs to the laboratory in Great Britain, who the they provides an professional estimation. Based on the given diagnosis and the therapy price, you are free to decide for or against therapy.

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