Laser caries detection

More and more people are aware of the importance of regular dentist checks, to maintain healthy teeth and beautiful smile. That’s why, the company KAVO has developed a laser system for early caries detection – Diagnodent.


Diagnodent system gives a 90% success rate in detecting the smallest caries lesions and early rehabilitation of these, with minimal invasive techniques. Diagnodent has also proven as an additional motivation for patients and encourages cooperations between patient and therapist.


Advantages of using Diagnodent

Detection of caries in places that are inaccessible to the dental probe.
Diagnodent detected caries at an early stage.
Presence of caries as 3 mm below the surface of the tooth.
Diagnodent accurately assess a development degree of caries.
Possible control over the caries progression.
Completely safe method.
Painless surgery.

Before the examination with the Diagnodent system, we recommend you a full cleaning of tartar by sanding and polishing teeth.