Miha Pirc dr. dent. med.

Splošno zobozdravstvo in parodontologija



10/2008 – 03/2015

(Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Dental school/DMD

  • Honors and Awards:
  • Medical Faculty Prize for research (Preseren’s Prize) – (12/2013)

Title: Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy of gingival enlargement during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliance

Mentors: assist. Prof. dr. Boris Gašpirc, DMD.; assist. Prof. dr. Jasmina Primožič, DMD Official Delegate of the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA) – (12/2012 – 01/2015),Tutor (06/2012 – 09/2013)

09/2013 – 02/2014

(München, Germany)


Student Exchange Program

Medical faculty Prize (12/2013)

1st Prize at International Congress of Dental Students (12/2013) – Rijeka, Croatia

2nd Prize at Lecture Contest, 10th EDSA Congress (03/2014) – Kosice, Slovakia

Osteology Foundation Grant – Osteology Research Academy Course in Lucerne (9/2016)


CliniciansPerspectives of Their First Dental Implant Placement Experience – A Pilot Study; ADEE Barcelona 2016

Gingival enlargement during orthodontic treatment – effectiveness of antimicrobial photodynamic therapy, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, vol. 42, Issue Supplement S17

17th Congress of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (ZMOKS) – Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia

Report from a Conference, ISIS, October 2015 (ISSN 1581-1611)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Hürzeler, EDSA Magazine, Summer 2015

Interview with Dr. Galip Gürel, EDSA Magazine, Summer 2015

EuroPerio8, London, UK

1st International Dental Student Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interview with Dr. Apa, EDSA Magazine, Spring 2015

YUDBAT, Yeditepe University, Turkey

18th Slovenian Days of Periodontology, Bled, Slovenia

1st Congress of Orthodontists of Slovenia

Lecture Contest of the 10th EDSA Congress in Kosice, Slovakia

Report from a Conference, ISIS, February 2014 (ISSN 1581-1611)

1st Medical Student Research Congress (SMRK), Ljubljana, Slovenia

International Congress of Dental Students, Rijeka, Croatia

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