Shaping rules

We are using the latest technology of computer simulation to create your new smile. We’ll guide you through a series of hypothetical decisions which are part of designing process. We stick to the principles of smile design in conjunction with your wishes. Digital photo of your smile will be manipulated using a special graphic dental program. With the immediate response of the computerized forms developed infront of your eyes, you can make affect on redefining the image of your ideal smile. We present you all the possibilities and predictable results.

Let us show you just a few of the most important principles that help us in making your smile

The horizontal line
The ideal smile should be aligned with the horizontal line.We try to keep to this principle even if line your eyes is not the same as horizontal line.

Symmetry around the central line is of utmost important for an aesthetically perfect smile. Even when this is not possible to achieve 100 per cent, must be created as an illusion of symmetry.

Smile line

Smile Line contains edges of the upper teeth bite. Ideally, this line follows the line of the lower lip. Smile line looks flat and a bit sideway while curved line looks more youthful. Women usually tend to make smile more curved than men.

“Embrasure” are small triangular spaces between the tops of teeth. Without these, teeth would look like piano keys. Spaces (embrasure) must be the smallest at front teeth, toward it needs to gradually increase.

Golden section
Cut Golden Rules are made to be broken. But despite the fact,they ensure an excellent starting point. Rules of golden cur describe the ideal mean apparent width ratio of the front six teeth, namely: 1.6: 1.0: 0.6.

Tooth proportions
There are also guidelines for the ideal proportions of each individual tooth. The recommended width of the ideal height for the two front teeth is 0.7: 1