Splint against snoring

Anti Snoring appliance with buccal connecting hinges
The Silensor-SL moves the mandible forward by using flexible plastic hinges to connect between the upper and lower splints. Varying sizes of hinges are supplied to allow the mandible to move further forward.

Anti Snoring appliance with a mandibular advancement screw
The OrthoApnea contains a titanium screw which connects the upper and lower splints, allowing the gradual advancement of the mandible. The patient turns the screw slightly each time they wear the appliance until the snoring stops. The OrthoApnea is comfortable to wear and allows free movement of the mandible so the patient can talk and drink while wearing the appliance.

Both appliances counteract the narrowing of the respiratory tracts, decreasing the inspired air and noise-generated by the vibrations of soft tissues, allowing the patient to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.
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