Tartar / gums

 Polishing to eliminate tartar

Research has shown that 90 percent of people clean their teeth uncorrectly. In our clinic, we are available to show you the three minute routine teeth cleaning, which will dramatically reduce the risk of dental caries or gum disease. Our team will be happy to help – even if you visiti another dentist. More often, you come to us, although you will not feel the pain, the greater the chance that toothache you will never ever felt.

1. Review
2. Cleaning tartar
3. Sandblasting teeth
4. Polishing the teeth
5. Instruction on oral hygiene

Carrying out regular hygiene therapy procedure can be completely painless. It starts with cleaning of tartar using ultrasound on all surfaces and remove dental plaque on accessible root surfaces and in the interdental spaces. Proceed with sandblasting to remove all surface staining (coffee, cigarettes, tea …) and refresh naturally white teeth. The procedure is noninvasive and painless, and there are also new sand attractive flavors (orange, cherry, blueberry, mint).

At the end of a professional teeth tartar cleaning, we always gently polished with polishing paste and brush. The result of thorough hygiene treatments are clean and smooth teeth, without a sense of roughness, brighter smile, cessation of bleeding gums, bad breath and the elimination of gum aesthetics. Nothing can not be compared with confidence, resulting from your smile. So why not book a date with our trained and skilled oral doctor? She will advise you how to avoid bad breath and how to thoroughly clean the teeth and gums.