Laser – The laser is very precise and powerful tool to correct the levels of the gums, treat gum diseases, stop bleeding, endodontics, cure herpes, etc. Since the laser beam is highly focused, it provides much less trauma, postoperative swelling and discomfort in comparison with conventional therapy. We use the best independently estimated laser system, imported from the USA (Henry Schein).

Laserska diagnostikaLaser diagnostics – Patients are more and more aware of the importance of health, so they are putting a lot of effort to preserve health tooth structure. Better and faster diagnosis mean better planned therapy. If intervention is required, there is necessary only minimal invasive technique for white fillings. Natural teeth preserve longer. Healthy teeth substances are protected with the use of minimal invasive instruments (Line Sonicflex tips). That means less exposure to radiation, because it is not necessary to do X-ray. Especially it is suitable for kids and nervous patients. This is the best preventive care with high efficiency. Accuracy of diagnostic is 90%.


Treatment with ozone
For gentle removal of caries:
no pain,
no drilling,
no side effects,
scientifically proven effectiveness.


Digital local X-ray
Digital X-ray local coffee with minimal radiation.


Intraoral camera
COFFEE 655th intraoral camera.

Digital periodontal measurements


Periodontal status: Faster, standardised and fully software-integrated.
The first periometer for the fully automated assessment of periodontal status.
The periodontal status is part of the regular patient status and is increasingly included in dental hygiene as well.  This allows the early detection of periodontosis and minimisation of risks. pa-on facilitates determining the periodontal status and provides automated visualisation of results for the patient.
Calibrated, no-pain measurement, always exerting precisely 20 g of pressure
Hygienic single-use syringes
Software visualisation of the periodontal status and course
Perodontal risk assesment, plaque and perio findings