Teeth whitening

A smile is one of the first things we notice in a person, whether it is in the company of their friends, at work or at a business meeting. Healthy white teeth brighten our smile and make us look younger. That helps to increase our self-esteem and nonertheless, we leave a lasting impression.

Why do teeth become yellow and colored?
Lifestyle and the aging process cause darkening and coloration of teeth. Everyday habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea and eating food with strong colouring (cherries, blueberries …) also affect the color of your teeth. Some intensively deep teeth staining could be a result of taking tetracycline in one’s childhood.

How can you whiten teeth, and is it harmful?
Teeth whitening is a procedure that brightens the natural color of teeth. In Dental Studio Škorjanc the ZOOM system is used exclusively, known as the no. 1 method in the U.S. and as an effective, non-invasive and safe method for whitening teeth in the world.

How much time do I need to whiten my teeth, and is it really an effective method?
The advantage of the ZOOM system: teeth whitening under professional supervision in only one visit. Unlike the whitening products that are commercially available and often lead to unsatisfactory results, ZOOM offers immediate and stunning results.