Tingling , tooth sensitivity

Sensitivity of teeth is a common occurrence. Tingling may occur whith eating and drinking cold or hot drinks and food or inhalation of cold air. We’re talking about chronic disorder with acute episodes.

The tooth is consisted by tooth crown and root. Tooth crown consists of a layer of enamel (dentin). Dentin in tooth root covers a thin layer of dental cement. Sensitivity occurs, when dentin is exposed to external factors. This can happen when enamel is worn or when the gum recedes and exposes the root surface. Prevention is very important that other causal factors not appear. The most important is proper oral hygiene.

Incorrect and aggressive brushing teeth, use hard toothbrushes and toothpaste, abrasive particles with strong teeth causing sensitivity. Poor oral hygiene, with the accumulation of plaque around the teeth and gums, thus creating a hard plaque, which has inserted just bacteria. These cause gingivitis and periodontal disease. The result of these disorders is also the withdrawal of the gums. Non-bacterial origin acids, may cause the V-defects (erosion) at the dental neck. These may be extrinsic (external – food and drink) or intrinsic (internal – acid from the stomach of gastric reflux or bulimic)origin. With whitening the teeth we achieve a beautiful movie smile, but there may occure sensitivity to external stimules. This sensitivity of teeth can also passes after a few weeks.Dental procedures (remove hard plaque, fillings, orthodontic procedures). Gnashing of teeth or pressing the teeth (bruxism).