Watering fissures

Watering is a method of preventing fissure caries. On the biting surfaces of teeth, there are located wells, fissures and furrows, which are sometimes impossible to completely clean with the tooth brush. There is bacteria inside, whose with its toxins cause tooth decay, which must be removed and replaced with seal. To avoid the occurrence of caries we preventive flood the fissures. The wells on the biting surfaces of teeth are coated with a bonding material which fills fissures and coveres them. In our office we are using modern materials for watering fissures, which are completely transparent and flexible surface of the tooth, allowing even more control. For children we recommend preventive fissure engine flooding as soon as regrowth of teeth.

In combination with fluorination and Ozone Healling is watering fissures significant preventive intervention, the benefits of all three is that they are implemented completely painless.

Scientific researches has shown that properly applied layer seals are 100-percent effective in protecting the tooth surfaces from caries. Fillings acting as a natural barrier against rotting. Protection is determined by the ability to seal that grips the tooth. As long as the seal remains intact, small food particles and bacteria that cause holes to pass through or under the edge of the seal.