White fillings

Composite (»white«) fillings can under no circumstance be considered as “worse” in comparison with the amalgam ones. Mainly because they don’t contain heavy metals such as mercury in amalgams. The trend in dentistry is “to avoid the metal in the mouth” and thus the toxicity of mercury in amalgam fillings.

The technique of making composite fillings in recent years has progressed to an extent where it offers solutions of the highest quality. From the aesthetic point of view a »white« filling is far more attractive than the grey amalgam filling. Patients with aesthetic preferences, therefore, opt for composite fillings.

Amalgam is a silver / black fill (filling), which has been in use for many years. One of its components is also mercury. Numerous studies have shown that amalgam is harmful, therefore in the foreign countries it hasn’t been usedfor children and pregnant women for many years now. Today there are many non-amalgam materials in teeth color. The dentist will recommend the best option for you when with your first of our office.

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