Why choose us?

1. Smile design
Every smile is individual and different. Together we will find out your desires, and we will take care of your overall appearance. In this way we can guarantee an attractive smile, and also a smile that works best for you in charge. For modeling and simulation of selected ideal smile we use interactive computer simulations.

2. Beautiful and predictable results
We include patients in this process in order and they can provide feedback at any stage of therapy. Careful planning ensures the best possible anticipated results.
3. Extreme transformations
Extreme dental transformations are often used with instant orthodontics. Teeth become smooth and the spaces close by using porcelain veneers. Missing teeth (implants) can be also replaced. That may change the level of the gums and make radical changes which are seen as a completely natural.

4. Oral Health and Beauty
Successful aesthetics dentistry is not just a “makeup for your teeth.” Beautiful, attractive and confident long term smile does not help you only for better appearance. It is also good for the health of your teeth, gums and a fresh breath. With this purpose we are actively promoting dental health. Only on that way, your smile will remain as beautiful as it was the first day.

5. Stress-free dentistry
Clinic Dr. Škorjanc is designed in a way that ensures to the patients, that experiences with general and aesthetic dentistry are not stressful, but pleasant. We strive to do that for each patient. We take enough time that our treatments are comfortable for everyone.

6. First class service
Best quality services are parts of our philosophy. On your inquiry we will respond quickly and effectively, by offering you various flexible payment methods and terms, which will increase the availability of selected therapies. Our decision to improve a smile is an important step for every individual. Patients must be fully aware of their therapy and also determinate in their decision.

7. Warranty
Porcelain veeners, crowns and bridges are warranted. The warranty conditions Refer to our clinic.

8. Education
Members of our professional team do not lie on their laurels, but they all have aim for further education, at home and abroad. Each member of our team has at least 10 training days per year. There are also regular case studies and internal education and going on in our clinic.

9. Oral recommendations